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Tictuk offers an intelligent online ordering system through chat.

eCommerce Innovation

Deliver the future of eCommerce today

Allow your customers to chat with your customized bot and make repeat purchases!

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Instant Checkout

How It Works

Allow Your Customers to Shop with Ease

We make ordering fast and easy by eliminating tedious downloads and complicated sign ups

Your customized virtual shop agent will instantly guide customers to complete their order in under 60 seconds.

Join TicTuk

Easy and seamless integration. Start accepting online messenger orders starting at only $10 a month.
POS Integration also available.

Upload Your Catalog

Upload your catalog or menu using our simple interface where you can easily manage your information as needed or we can integrate with your API.

Increase Conversions

Your consumers place orders in their favorite way! We will guide you through every step to generate leads, increase sales, and create lifetime customers.

Why TicTuk?

TicTuk offers a comprehensive solution to seamlessly target all problem areas and skyrocket your business!


Seamlessly turn your catalog into an engaging and personalized shopping experience that is designed to convert your customers and generates leads.


Create a unified virtual storefront by connecting web, social chat, advertising campaigns and social posts. Holistically build meaningful relationships and deliver your brand directly to customers.


Proactively send alerts, notifications, coupons, and deals. With our built in live order monitoring you can instantly respond to user inquiries in real time.


Create concentrated campaigns with our lead generator. Conduct brilliant Retargeting Ads that work (64% conversion rate)! Manage and send relevant content such as newsletters, surveys, and promotions

Improve Your Salesflow

Customer Analysis

Promote New Products
Effective Call to Action

Minimize Abandoned Carts

Retarget Customers
Set and Forget

Increase Customer Engament

100% Measurable
Run Direct Campaigns in Chat

Cutting Edge Technology

Instant Checkout

Unique advertisement (paid/non-paid) where customers can place an INSTANT ORDER via Call-to-Action or a Social Media post in less than 2 clicks!

Group Orders & Split Payments

Are you planning a business lunch, a Sunday football game, or just a night in with friends? Our sophisticated technology allows your customers to create an order with multiple people and then split the bill making payments from their personal phone. It’s so convenient it will be the only way your customers will shop!


Website Ordering
Facebook Ordering
Customer Service

Seamlessly integrated with the shopping experience

Personalized Branding

Add your personal touch and branding


Appeal to customers across borders and utilize additional languages

Messenger Marketing

Reach 100% of customers with 1 on 1 direct messaging

Customer Loyalty

Make it easy for customers to make repeat purchases

Analytics and Reporting

Get accurate data and metrics on how to best reach your audience

Automate Your Marketing

Automated marketing to minimize abandoned carts

Coupons and Promos

Targeted promos that your customers can use instantly

Marketing Platform

Conversions have never been easier with our genius marketing technology.

Lead Generator

Our technology will get you precisely matched, high quality leads, which you can target and retarget. Everything can be controlled from our backend so you never miss an opportunity!

Shopping Links

Turn every action into an Ecommerce opportunity with unique ordering links to prompt an immediate order! You can track and send via messages, group chats, mass market, social groups,email, social posts or anywhere and then see all orders LIVE


Retarget All users from your website, and social media from our easy to use platform! Connect the retarget Feature with our Instant Checkout Marketing ( or any other type of paid advertisement) for a slam dunk marketing campaign!

Chat pop up shop for website

Seamlessly turn your website into an Ecommerce store that accepts online orders and comes with an intelligent chat assistant ! Don't have a website? No problem! Tictuk provides you with a fully functioning web store. Already have an Ecommerce site? Perfect Chat POP will ensure every visitor becomes a customer.

Scan to Shop

Get your very own personalized code where customers can simply SCAN to SHOP. Your scan code will have your unique branding and design so you will stand out with the "cool factor" you have been looking for. Print your code on business cards, stickers, posters, flyers, or digitally send it to gain new customers and traction.

Live order monitoring

See EVERYTHING! When,where,how, products that were clicked, interests, abandoned carts and more all LIVE while it is happening. Make direct connections with your customers to troubleshoot and provide excellent customer service.



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$59 Month
  • + $199 Setup Fee


$49 Month
  • + $199 Setup Fee

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